Green Actions
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While enjoying your holiday close to nature, you can exercise and have fun through a variety of different activities that have been developed by various institutions and associations throughout Greece. Discover what's closest to your interests ... and enjoy yourself!



Rafting: Rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable boat (raft) to navigate a river. The capacity of these vessels is two to ten people while the most popular for Greek rivers are these of six to eight people. Teams are always be guided by specially trained drivers ensuring the safety of the team. Rafting is a unique way to admire the beauty of rivers, especially those forming canyons or other inaccessible formations and enjoy the natural scenery under a totally different -from the conventional- way. The water routes one can follow are divided into various difficulty levels from two to six. The degree of difficulty of a route depends on the morphology of the river, the number of passages and the difficulty of access. So, depending on the mood of each person, his physical condition and his experience, somebody can choose those parts of the rivers that he believes that is best suited to his personality, having the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the riverside in a particular way.

Hot- dog & MonoRaft: After the establishment of rafting, the need for greater pleasure and more adrenaline led to the creation of “monoraft” and “hot-dog”.  In these activities, we have to do with boats that have the same properties as raft and can serve one or maximum two persons. The boats that have only one seat are called “monoraft”, while the two-seaters are called “hot-dog”. In both cases, rider’s legs are being supported by specially straps. The high stability and the excellent flexibility of these vessels offer at the crew emotions of excitement and a more direct contact with the liquid component.

Canyoing: The word "canyoning" describes a complex activity that combines hiking, climbing, downhill mountains, crossing the river and swimming. When waterfalls are being encountered, maybe it will be necessary to jump from a height into water. What is really interesting is how with the use of various techniques, one can approach even the most inaccessible places that are very well hidden in the cracks of the ground. To cross someone one gorge, he has to be in good physical condition according to the degree of difficulty of the gorge, to know some basic rappelling techniques and of course to know how to swim.  Moreover, there are always experienced people to guide the small groups and to advice them whenever it is needed.




Mountain Bike: The benefits of cycling are well known to all of us: fitness improvement, entertainment, traffic education, environmental awareness, ease of movement, is only few of them. Mountain bike is this activity which allows you to combine cycling with the beauty of nature. In many places of Greece, various trails have been carved through beautiful green sceneries providing the opportunity to each one of us to know the region and exercise our mind and our body together.

Hiking: Hiking is a great opportunity to wander through the nature while providing exercise for the body and wellness for the soul. The routes and the passages that one will follow can vary: a walk at the mountains, at rivers, at islands, even in unfamiliar cities and antiquities. It is you who define the difficulty level of your journey depending on your abilities, your fitness and your mood. What you should have in mind is that through a simple physical activity  like walking you can get lots of benefits, such as contact with the natural environment, combine all the beneficial properties of walking, improve your cardiorespiratory system and your fitness and moreover develop social contacts.

Climbing: The activity of climbing offers a rare combination of emotions and situations: you come in contact with the harsh conditions of the mountain, you try to overcome difficulties and achieve the objective approach of the peak of the mountain, you develop solidarity with your comrades and you come in contact with the wild beauty of the mountainous landscape. It refers to those who are possessed by love of nature and they have a relatively good physical condition.


Parapente: Parapente carries out an ancient human desire: free flight! It gives the opportunity for anyone to fly like a bird and live magical moments. This is a "special" kind of parachute, which can take off from a slope regardless of the height of it (of course when the weather conditions permit it) and does not require any kind of mechanical part. It needs only the help of gravity, the appropriate air and the man who will handle the parachute. The parachute is specially constructed to take advantage of wind and air currents in order to stay as long as possible in up the air. In this way, the flight may take from a few minutes to several hours, depending on specific circumstances.



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